I dive into the sun,

although its flares could scold.

They tango with my spirit and

Tell me to be bold.

From my star-lit eyes they erupt into the light

To warm your frost-bit lips,

To dance with you all night.

I drink in the moon,

its milk tastes cold.

It seeps into my soul and with

Pale tendrils takes a hold.

From my star-lit eyes it pours into the night

To cool my sun-kissed cheeks,

To tell all of my plight.

What was that sound like ringing

When I tumbled into space?

What were the stars a-singing

When they were all moved out of place?

Who is that drawing nigh

As the heavens grow dark,

Like lighting in the sky

To claim all who bear His mark?

The sun will hide

The stars will fall

And cease to give their light,

The seas will rage

The hills will bow

When He returns in Might.

Be still, He says

Fear not, He says

For surely I come soon.

And when He comes,

Peace with Him too,

The world will be made new.


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